Diamond Wire Saw For Marble Cutting

1. High efficiency and long lifespan
2. Competitive price and stable quality
3. Production capacity: 60,000 meters/month
4. Various wire saw types and sizes available
5. Good cutting result: smooth cutting, flat surface and even size

Diamond Wire Saw For Marble Cutting

Experienced manufacturer of Diamond Wire Saw For Marble Cutting, we supply diamond segments, diamond saw blades, diamond wire saw and diamond grinding tools for stone factories, quarries and wholesalers all over the world.


1. Diamond Wire Saw For Quarry:
Rubber wire is recommended, it can protect the wire saw rope very well and increase the wire’s strength. Rubber possesses excellent characteristic of temperature resistance, and it can be used under situation of water deficient. Strong flexibility can also reduce the cut-in-one-side problem.
2. Diamond Wire Saw For Block Trimming:
Plastic wire is recommended, it can be used to trim marble, granite and other stones. It could cut the blocks accurately with small inter-space.
3. Diamond Wire Saw For Profiling :
Plastic wire is recommended for shaping operations, it could provides a huge range of possibilities. It makes smooth surface and accurate sizes with small inter-space. Stone columns and special shape stone material for building industry can be processed in a much more economic way.
4. Diamond Wire Saw For Reinforce Concrete Cutting:
Diameter 10.5/11.5mm Rubber and Spring wire is recommended. The wires are widely used in the reinforced concrete with more than 5% steel inside. It is used in the building constructions, cutting for houses, bridges, cement pipes and under water buildings.
5. Diamond Multi-Wire Saw For Slab Cutting:
Diamond multi-cutting wire saws are suitable for cutting different types of large granite slabs with excellent efficiency.

Packaging and Shipping for Diamond Wire Saw Rope

Inner packing: covered by plastic, then packed in a carton; outside packaging is according to the transport way, if by air, we recommend carton package which will reduce the weight; if by sea, we recommend crate which is seaworthy. Other packaging is also available upon your request.
Urgent order with less weight or samples, courier service is recommended;
Normal (regular) order which weight over 45kgs, delivering by air is recommended;
Big diameter saw blades or heavy weight products, shipping by sea is recommended.
Edgestone will offer advices according to the actual order requirements.

Our Services

1. Fine raw materials are used for processing, high grade raw materials, imported cobalt powder and high-quality diamond single crystals, to ensure the best performance of our products.
2. Customized designs are available. We can also help customers design and develop new products, and adjust cutting efficiency and lifespan upon your request.
3. Knowledgeable sales representatives are available to reply all inquiries and e-mails within 24 hours.
4. Every details will be confirmed with you before production.
5. Each processing would be completed by our skillful worker.
6. Strict quality management system. During the whole production process, from raw material choosing, processing to packing, our quality assurance people will strictly control each single and every process to guarantee quality standards and punctual delivery.
7. Detailed and clear pictures will be sent before packing and loading for you.
8. We will keep you update of the order and shipping status till you get the products smoothly.

If you're interested in Diamond Wire Saw For Marble Cutting, just feel free to contact us, we will keep providing excellent service and good quality products for you.

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