Stone Cutting Diamond Disc Segment

1. High efficiency and long lifespan
2. Competitive price and stable quality
3. Production capacity: 90,000 sets/month
4. Various segment sizes and shapes available
5. Good cutting result: smooth cutting, flat surface and even size

Stone Cutting Diamond Disc Segment

Experienced manufacturer of Stone Cutting Diamond Disc Segment, we supply diamond segments, diamond saw blades, diamond wire saw and diamond grinding tools for stone factories, quarries and wholesalers all over the world.


For 300mm-3500mm saw blades, diamond frame gang saw blades, diamond core drill bits, diamond grinding cup wheels and different machines (multi blade cutter, gang saw blade, bridge cutting machine, single arm cutting machine, manual handing machine, able cutting machine, etc.) Diamond segment types include sandwich segment, multi-layer segment and orderly arrayed segment and carbide tips, every type is designed for various hardness stone (soft, medium hard and very hard stones) cutting: granite, marble, sandstone, onyx, limestone, travertine, quartz stone, artificial stone, andesite, volcanic, lava stone, basalt, microcrystal stone, blue stone, dolomite and construction materials (concrete, tile, ceramic, asphalt, floor) to reduce segment cost and increase cutting efficiency.

Packaging and Shipping

One set of diamond segments packed in 1 box, 10 boxes in a carton and then cartons packed in crate. Besides the diamond segments could also be packed according to your specific request.
Rust proofed before packing - Water proofed - Impact protection.
Urgent order with less weight or samples, courier service is recommended;
Normal (regular) order which weight over 45kgs, delivering by air is recommended;
Big diameter saw blades or heavy weight products, shipping by sea is recommended.
Edgestone will offer advices according to the actual order requirements.

Our Services

1. Fine raw materials are used for processing, high grade raw materials, imported cobalt powder and high-quality diamond single crystals, to ensure the best performance of our products.
2. Customized designs are available. We can also help customers design and develop new products, and adjust cutting efficiency and lifespan upon your request.
3. Knowledgeable sales representatives are available to reply all inquiries and e-mails within 24 hours.
4. Every details will be confirmed with you before production.
5. Each processing would be completed by our skillful worker.
6. Strict quality management system. During the whole production process, from raw material choosing, processing to packing, our quality assurance people will strictly control each single and every process to guarantee quality standards and punctual delivery.
7. Detailed and clear pictures will be sent before packing and loading for you.
8. We will keep you update of the order and shipping status till you get the products smoothly.

If you're interested in Stone Cutting Diamond Disc Segment, just feel free to contact us, we will keep providing excellent service and good quality products for you.

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1. The frame saw is divided into two categories according to the number of strokes and strokes: fast and slow. Fast: Stroke >60cm, Stroke at this time exceeds 100 times per minute. Slow speed: Stroke three or three 60cn1, stroke no more than 100 times per minute. The quick saw is suitable for soft stone and has the advantages of high production efficiency, but it requires high equipment design and manufacturing, equipment investment Higher, but the total production cost is quickly sawed lower, so in recent years the rapid saw is still developing. 2. The frame saw is divided into two types according to the mechanical structure: horizontal motion frame saw and vertical motion frame saw. Horizontal motion frame saw is a kind of machine mainly used at home and abroad. Its advantage is that it can be equipped with longer and more Saw blade. At present, the international market has designed and manufactured machines capable of loading 100 or more blades, which can be sawn The advantages of large-scale materials and high production efficiency are widely used in marble (especially in soft marble). The typical saw machine that produces 20 mn 1 thick plates from general blocks is to install 40 pieces, and more saw blades are installed to produce 10 pieces. 20 mm thick plate. The horizontal frame saw blades currently used have a length of 2. 8m 3. 8m or more, and the vertical frame saw uses a shorter saw blade (generally less than 2. 8m), so the rigidity is easy to control and the blade is not easy to generate hemispherical warp. Stone has made great progress in processing granite, not  For a long time, vertical saws can be used to solve the processing problems of granite blocks. Compared with horizontal frame saws, vertical frame saws also have the advantages of small footprint and easy sawing of sawdust. Horizontal movement frame saws There are two types of feeding mechanisms in the international market. The earliest developments have adopted the method of moving the stone and sawing machine. In recent years, sawing frames have not yet moved and stones have risen. Lifting mechanisms can be used either mechanically or hydraulically. Diamond saw machine design, manufacturing and installation requirements: including equipment, stable and stable, no vibration: the frame should have enough strength, can withstand the tension of each saw blade 8 llt; have enough weight or calculated pressure, to ensure a certain drop Saw rate: precise linear reciprocating cutting  Movement: Accurate rate regulation and control; good cooling water supply system.   Section IV Diamond Wire Saw   First, the application of diamond rope saw  The Diamond Wire Saw was a patent invented by the Englishman Paulus in 1968. Diamant Boait Diamonds soon produced the first diamond wire saw. After years of trials, diamond wire saws were formally introduced into the marble area of ​​Carrara, Italy, in 1978, followed by diamond wire saws.  Speed ​​replaced the traditional wire rope saw. At present, diamond bead wire saws have been widely used in the stone industry. Stone Cutting Diamond Disc Segment . They mainly have three uses: block shaping, special-shaped processing and mining. The diamond wire saw is composed of two basic parts: one is a diamond beaded wire rope for cutting rocks, and the other is a diamond-threaded steel wire rope driven machine. In open-pit mining, rock usually has two free surfaces. Under these conditions, there are two ways to cut the rock.     1. Ring cutting method (Figure 6 - 11) A vertical hole and a horizontal hole are drilled on the work surface before cutting. The two holes are communicated so that the diamond rope passes through the two holes, and then the saw is started to cut.    Figure 6 - 11 ring cutting principle 1. Wire sawing machine; 2. Active flywheel; 3. Guide wheel; 4. Diamond rope; 5. Vertical drilling; 6. Horizontal drilling;   2. Press cut method (Figure 6 - 12) Before cutting, drill a large diameter hole (φ240 320 mn1) on the work surface and insert a pressure roller in the hole.